Monday, July 28, 2008

Got Church?

Camp is over, decisions have been made, and lives have been changed. Did you trust Christ as your Savior at camp? Decide to dedicate your life to Him? Commit to pursuing missions? Fantastic! Now where do you go from here?

Find a good church if you don't already have one. Find a church that teaches the Bible, where you will be spiritually fed. You will want to make sure that your church believes and teaches several important things:

1) The Bible is God's Word;
2) There is only ONE God who exists as Three Persons: Father, Son, Holy Spirit;
3) Belief in Jesus' death payment for man's sin is the ONLY way to salvation (not works, not baptism, etc.).

Need a little help? If you live in the South County area, try South County Bible Church (4111 Von Talge Road). If you live in West County, try Rockwood Bible Church (2425 Glencoe Road). If you live in Illinois, try Edgemont Bible Church (5100 N Illinois, Fairview Heights).

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Pastor Gary said...

Camp was GREAT! I look forward to being back in January with Pastor Tom Graef as the speaker!!!